Unique Client Experience

Our goal is to provide quality, custom advice, exceptional service, and follow-through with every client encounter. We seek to educate each client and increase their financial confidence. Our advisers have earned the right to use the CFP® designation.

All Clients Receive

The experience we create for our clients is based on our core values and principles.
When you work with the Wealth Planning Corporation team, you receive:

Client-Focused Planning

Financial Empowerment

Life-Long Coaching

Generational Planning

Exceptional Attention & Advice

Transparency & Accountability

Our History

WPC founded by C. Michael Johnson

SEC Registered Investment Advisor

Money Coaching System™ developed and deployed

Team of dedicated CFP®️ and CFA®️ Professionals with a focus on YOU!

Our Team

The Wealth Planning Advisory Team has more than 50 years investment experience.
Our Relationship Associates have more than 20 years industry experience.

“The legacy I envision for WPC is a team that will uphold our principles of enhancing our clients’ lives for generations by being worthy stewards of the sacred trust they place in us.”
— C. Michael Johnson, WPC Founder

Angela Dietrich
Vice President of Operations & Relationship Management
Joined WPC 2008


Malea Hornback, CFP®
Associate Adviser
Joined WPC 2014


C. Michael Johnson, CFP®
Founder / Wealth Adviser
Joined WPC 1984


Todd Lyon, CFP®
Lead Adviser
Joined WPC 2011


Louann McNamara
Administrative Associate
Joined WPC 2018


Patrick Scarborough, CFA®, CFP®
Chief Investment Officer
Joined WPC 2011


Todd Steinbrink, CFP®
President / Wealth Adviser
Joined WPC 2006


Jerry Yox, CFP®
Lead Adviser
Joined WPC 2018


Noah Sayre
Relationship Associate
Joined WPC 2020


Core Values

We become trustworthy through well-established and articulated core values and beliefs. The following are some of the core values that we at Wealth Planning Corporation endeavor to instill in every client relationship:


To build and foster meaningful lasting relationships.


To help our clients have confidence in making sound lifetime financial decisions.


Through disclosures of pertinent data, risks, and necessary course adjustments.

Life-Long Learning

By sharing and seeking continual improvement in our knowledge base and skill sets and transferring that wisdom to clients.

Future Generations

Teach the next generation to establish sound money principles and assist with preparedness of family wealth transference.