Who We Are

About Us

Wealth Planning Corporation has been a private, independent wealth management company since 1984.  WPC was founded when C. Michael Johnson left E.F. Hutton, which based a broker’s compensation on the frequency of investments transactions with poor disclosure to the clients as to their costs.  Mike saw a need to better align the client’s goals of asset growth and wealth retention with the way an advisor is compensated.  In 1990, WPC became a fee-only SEC Registered Investment Advisor, avoiding the outside conflicts of interest created by commissions, and providing full disclosure of fees for advice and services.

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Stewards of a Sacred Trust

Trust is the common thread in any successful relationship, and must be earned over time.

Since its inception in 1984, WPC has embraced the role of a fiduciary – to act only in the best interest of the client.   While many other firms were founded on “selling” investments, our commitment to planning and advice has built a foundation of trust over the years, and holds everything we do accountable to your forecasted outcomes.  This accountability – what we consider the stewardship of your resources – defines our commitment to the Unique Client Experience.

  • Client Focused – fostering personal long term relationships
  • Empowerment – educating our clients to make informed decisions
  • Transparency – disclosing the data, opportunities, risks and most importantly, fees
  • Principles – sharing knowledge and experience with the next generation


“My legacy for this company will be to hire people who consistently live these principles and who will oversee Wealth Planning Corporation’s growth through multiple generations, enhancing our clients’ lives by truly being worthy stewards of the sacred trust they place in us.”
– C. Michael Johnson, founder


What You
Should Expect

Together, we will simplify the complexities in your financial picture and collaborate to create
your unique blueprint for success..