Model Portfolio Construction

Portfolio construction combines both the art and science of molding specific holdings within an asset allocation in an attempt to maximize returns when adjusted for risk. Multiple models are created to address the specific risk tolerance a client may have.


Your Individual Portfolio

The first step for establishing your portfolio is to determine your return objective and future income need. Once your risk profile is known, we can help you determine which WPC Model portfolio is best for you. However, we customize holdings depending on your specific tax constraints and estate planning ramifications.

Portfolio Review Process

The economy and the financial markets are constantly changing, therefore, it is extremely important to continuously monitor and adjust our model portfolios as necessary. A disciplined approach to measuring progress and making adjustments avoids “reacting” to market changes and to remain focused on client goals.

What You
Should Expect

Together, we will simplify the complexities in your financial picture and collaborate to create
your unique blueprint for success..