Investment Strategies


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A Time-Tested Investment Strategy

Disciplined strategies are the key to generating long term success in any field.  Our rigorous investment approach combines the core principles of:

  • Diversification – “not all of your eggs in a single basket”
  • Prudent Valuation – “don’t get caught chasing returns or taking unreasonable risks”
  • Commitment to Rebalancing – “sell higher and buy lower”

WPC’s model portfolio construction creates a practical guide for each client’s individual investment allocation.  By employing institutional-style model portfolios, investment allocations and actively managed changes are implemented across our entire client base systematically, benefiting clients equally regardless of portfolio size or type.

Let one of our Advisors help you assess your investment goals, time horizon and tolerance for market volatility. As a non-commission based advisory practice, we are happy to provide a complementary “second opinion” on your current investment portfolio to see if your profile and your investment strategy “match”.



What You
Should Expect

Together, we will simplify the complexities in your financial picture and collaborate to create
your unique blueprint for success..