The Cycle of Market Emotions

Successful investing is rooted in maintaining a disciplined perspective (or lens) through which ones actions are guided in both times of clarity and certainty as well as in times of confusion and doubt. If one does not have a well defined investment perspective, risks to the portfolio will be magnified by reactionary decision making, and lower returns will often be realized over the long term. WPC will help you to develop a disciplined perspective to guide your wealth accumulation goals and produce a sustainable income in retirement.


Market Highs and Lows

Human nature causes individual investors to invest more in exciting periods of new market heights – precisely when they should be more cautious. Conversely, the fear caused by falling markets will cause those same investors to pull funds out of the market when prices are going down – precisely when they should be investing more.

No investor’s timing will always be right when buying or selling, however, significant wealth can be created and preserved long term by harnessing volatility. Harnessing involves adjusting course when a strategy is not working or taking advantage of opportunities when prices are discounted. WPC utilizes a time-tested strategy that benefits from market fluctuation.

WPC’s “Investment Perspective” will not only help you to create wealth, but provide a system for generating a lifelong income that will benefit from inflation over time, rather than a fixed income that becomes eroded by the rising costs of living.

Most investors view market volatility, the rise and fall of stock prices, as their greatest risk in retirement. However, data since 1926 and our experience prove otherwise. WPC has successfully helped clients generate growing retirement incomes since its inception in 1984. Inquire today how our experience and discipline can begin to work for you.

What You
Should Expect

Together, we will simplify the complexities in your financial picture and collaborate to create
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