College Planning

Wealth Planning Corporation specializes in helping families plan and prepare for financing higher education.


College Pre-Approval™ is a proprietary financial planning methodology developed to help families and students reach better financial outcomes from higher education and is owned by Capstone College Partners, LTD.  Our mission and highest aspiration is to help advisors end the student loan crisis, one family at a time.


Be prepared for a college-planning discussion with a Wealth Planning Corporation Advisor. 
This checklist outlines all of the data and information we’ll need to help you create a realistic picture of your college planning needs. 


WPC Private College Consultation will use the College Aid Pro (CAP) software to provide you with a customized report specific to your student’s academic profile and your family’s
financial information.


Start working with the Wealth Planning Corporation team today to begin your family’s discussion and planning for higher education needs.


It’s never too early to begin planning especially when it comes to paying for college tuition and all the associated costs of higher education.  We have the training and resources available to guide you through the process so you make informed and appropriate choices for your student and family. 

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Can You Appeal Your Financial Aid Offer?

Can You Appeal Your Financial Aid Offer? YES!   It is not only possible; but, in some cases, recommended.  A couple thousand dollars may not sound like much when you are looking at the overall college expense, but it is still real money…your money. Colleges do NOT...

Hey, can you talk to my college graduate?

Do you have a college graduate entering the workforce?  Are you getting ready to send someone off and worried they need a bit of financial guidance to ensure their success? Historically, this is the time of year when we hear “hey would you be able to talk to my...


College admissions for high school seniors is well underway; and we all know this can be a stressful time for students and parents. I know firsthand having gone through it recently with my two daughters and having two sons who are fast approaching the college search!...

Reading and Understanding Your College Bill

Avoiding Late Fees, Duplication of Health Insurance Premiums & Interest Charges Just as you carefully review your credit card statements, you should look through your student’s college billing statement line by line - reading for both understanding and errors!...

Financial Tips for College Graduates

✓ Create a Budget Simple list of monthly expenses classified as either needs (gas) or wants (movie): 50/20/30 Rule – 50% Fixed expenses, 20% Savings, 30% Discretionary items Compare to monthly income and adjust as needed to stay positive ✓ Build an Emergency Fund...

Paying for College: Know Before You Go™

What is the reality of college pricing and how can you save on the costs? High schools focus on how to navigate the admissions process and meet the deadlines…. But getting answers to key financial questions can be difficult. What is the EFC and how to estimate yours?...