Client Story: Unexpectedly Widowed

A client of ours referred his Mother-In-Law who had recently lost her husband.  He was a healthy man, and the loss was clearly unexpected.  Sue was in her early 70’s, and her husband had handled their financial affairs completely for decades.  She was suddenly thrust into making all of the money decisions, and was unprepared for that responsibility.  She needed guidance and direction quickly.

We spent some significant time with her to understand her concerns and objectives.  After she understood her goals, we took an inventory of her financial assets and created a financial plan for her.  We consolidated the accounts, re-aligned the investments and created a predictable, sustainable income plan for her.

Over a period of months, we helped her gain a sense-of-control which provided her with peace-of-mind in respects to her money and estate concerns.  We moved her from a feeling of uncertainty, to one of calm.  Now she focuses on spending time with her children and grandchildren and utilizes WPC to keep her finances in order.

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