Client Story: The Busy, Pre-Retiree Couple

Melissa and Luke are two hard working professionals, busy with their careers and raising two teenagers.  When it came to managing their finances, they had been content to be DIY investors and maintained their accounts at a large mutual fund company.  During a phone conversation with an advisor on their customer service team, they requested some advice.  Unfortunately, the advice they were given was wrong and created an unfavorable tax situation.  Although the error was eventually corrected, it cost them time and aggravation.   It became clear to Melissa and Luke that they were just a number with this large firm, and they decided they needed to work with someone who was more attentive to their situation.

WPC began working with this couple, and has been doing so for over 4 years now.  We’ve guided them through a variety of decisions to maximize their financial opportunities.  We created a thorough plan for their retirement and college investment strategies, as well as created more structure around their overall financial plan.

On multiple occasions, they have communicated to us how comforting it has been to have WPC keeping them focused and on course with their financial goals, as well as being a value-added resource when further guidance is needed.

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