Client Story: Creating Durable Income Solutions

Sally and John became clients in 1995, transferring in their retirement plan from PG, looking for a way to turn a lump sum of money into retirement income. With no experience managing money, they had no plan for how this money would support for them the next 25-30 years. By establishing a long term vision and executing on that strategy, we have helped them produce an income, which has increased over such volatile periods as the dot com bubble, the 9/11 market slide, and the credit crisis of 2008. As of today, they have spent close to 2 times their initial deposit, have a balance much greater than they started with, and enjoy an income almost 50% higher than the day they retired.

By allowing us to navigate changing markets and guide their withdrawals, we have allowed them to realize their dreams of travel during retirement with a level of income security they would never have imagined. Their story is a good example of what makes WPC unique – we have over 20 years of experience producing income for retired clients, navigating both good markets and bad.

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