Client Story: Confident Choices

Can we afford to continue living where we are?

An older gentleman in his 80’s found us on the suggestion of his family and friend. His family knew he was worried about his situation, so they encouraged him to ask around for a referral. He asked a good friend who directed him to Wealth Planning Corporation.

Bob had accumulated a modest amount of wealth in retirement accounts and real estate. He felt he was going to be okay, but with his wife’s recent diagnosis and their growing need for costly in-home care had him questioning their financial security. Even with the long term care benefit factored in, he was not confident how the next 10-15 years would play out.

We sat down with Bob to gather all the relevant data, illustrated multiple LTC scenarios, consolidated his accounts, reviewed his estate plans and allocated his portfolio for income and growth.

As he left the third meeting he expressed, “I really am so relieved and thankful now that I can see all that I have and how it will work for me in the years ahead.”

The family members who had encouraged Bob to see a financial professional, have also come onboard for retirement planning, insurance needs analysis, college funding and estate planning. Helping individuals and families find solutions while increasing their confidence levels is one of our greatest assets as a firm.

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