Client Success Stories

Explore the true stories of our clients and the life situations we've helped them financially plan for and confidently navigate through.


Bob had accumulated a modest amount of wealth in retirement accounts and real estate. He felt he was going to be okay, but with his wife’s recent diagnosis and their growing need for costly in-home care had him questioning their financial security. Even with the long term care benefit factored in, he was not confident how the next 10-15 years would play out.


Melissa and Luke are two hard working professionals, busy with their careers and raising two teenagers. After receiving advice from their previous firm that created a problematic loss of money and frustration, WPC began working with this couple, and has been doing so for over 4 years now.  We’ve guided them through a variety of decisions to maximize their financial opportunities.  We created a thorough plan for their retirement and college investment strategies, as well as created more structure around their overall financial plan.


We have a GE engineer client that originally came to us because of uncertainty.  His goal was to retire if offered an early retirement package, but he was worried he would eventually run out of money in retirement.  To help him make an informed decision we ran tens of financial plans covering a variety of scenarios.


A current client referred his Mother-In-Law who had recently lost her husband.  He was a healthy man, and the loss was clearly unexpected.  Sue was in her early 70’s, and her husband had handled their financial affairs completely for decades.  She was suddenly thrust into making all of the money decisions, and was unprepared for that responsibility.  She needed guidance and direction quickly.