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College admissions for high school seniors is well underway; and we all know this can be a stressful time for students and parents. I know firsthand having gone through it recently with my two daughters and having two sons who are fast approaching the college...

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Come read our latest news, tips and events information from the team at Wealth Planning Corporation.  Check out our news & events page for the detailed postings about Patrick's promotion Access our newsletter here...


A Reflection from C. Michael Johnson, CFP®

Living on the Other Side By C. Michael Johnson, CFP® I get asked all the time, so now that you are on the other side (translation old and retired), do you think the financial advice you shared for the past 40 years as a wealth advisor was useful and made a...

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Reading and Understanding Your College Bill

Avoiding Late Fees, Duplication of Health Insurance Premiums & Interest Charges Just as you carefully review your credit card statements, you should look through your student’s college billing statement line by line - reading for both understanding and errors!...