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Ding, Dong, the ‘Stretch IRA’ is Dead

One of the most significant changes made by the SECURE Act, signed into law effective January 1, 2020, is the impact on many people’s financial planning due to the elimination of the ‘Stretch’ provisions for most non-spouse beneficiaries of defined contribution...


Wealth Planning Quarterly Newsletter – Q2 2020

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Financial Tips for College Graduates

✓ Create a Budget Simple list of monthly expenses classified as either needs (gas) or wants (movie): 50/20/30 Rule – 50% Fixed expenses, 20% Savings, 30% Discretionary items Compare to monthly income and adjust as needed to stay positive ✓ Build an Emergency Fund...

Client Story

Client Story: Confident Choices

Can we afford to continue living where we are? An older gentleman in his 80’s found us on the suggestion of his family and friend. His family knew he was worried about his situation, so they encouraged him to ask around for a referral. He asked a good friend who...

Client Story

Client Story: Unexpectedly Widowed

A client of ours referred his Mother-In-Law who had recently lost her husband.  He was a healthy man, and the loss was clearly unexpected.  Sue was in her early 70’s, and her husband had handled their financial affairs completely for decades.  She was suddenly...

Client Story

Client Story: The Busy, Pre-Retiree Couple

Melissa and Luke are two hard working professionals, busy with their careers and raising two teenagers.  When it came to managing their finances, they had been content to be DIY investors and maintained their accounts at a large mutual fund company.  During a phone...

Client Story

Client Story: Corporate Retirement Offer

We have a GE engineer client that originally came to us because of uncertainty.  His goal was to retire if offered an early retirement package, but he was worried he would eventually run out of money in retirement.  To help him make an informed decision we ran tens...

Client Story

Client Story: Creating Durable Income Solutions

Sally and John became clients in 1995, transferring in their retirement plan from PG, looking for a way to turn a lump sum of money into retirement income. With no experience managing money, they had no plan for how this money would support for them the next 25-30...

Client Story

Client Story: Changes in Health & Home

The Thompson’s were in the process of selling their home and needed some advice.  A recent health diagnosis for Ginger made it time for them to transition from the home where they raised their family to a home that would be closer to their children and accommodate...

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