Your Financial Dashboard

Create a Plan and Measure Your Progress WPC crafts a Personal Financial Dashboard for every client, identifying a clear path to meet your targeted financial goals.

Money Coaching System

Educate so you can simplify financial decisions A process in which we guide you through the many financial decisions that need to be made throughout your life.

Tested Investment Strategy

Disciplined strategies are the key to creating long term success WPC’s model portfolio construction creates a practical guide for each client’s individual investment allocation.

Wealth Planning Corporation

A relationship built on trust. The investor always come first. We are here to help you take control of your financial future.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Wealth Planning Corporation 8370 East Kemper Road Cincinnati, OH 45249 Presented by: Todd Lyon, CFP® and Jerry Yox, CFP® What is the reality of college pricing and how can you save on the
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About Us Wealth Planning Corporation has been a private, independent wealth management company since 1984. WPC was founded when C. Michael Johnson left E.F. Hutton, which based a broker’s compensation on the frequency of investments transactions with poor disclosure to the clients

Success Stories


When can I retire?

Walter felt he was close to retirement, but was unsure if his savings would be enough to finally let go.  To help his decision making, WPC was able to prepare multiple inflation- adjusted, after-tax income scenarios to help him forecast his target date.  Ultimately, we were able to get him comfortable that he would soon have enough income potential from his portfolio to live the lifestyle he envisioned.   Understanding  the variables of taxes, inflation and healthcare are critical in building a sustainable retirement budget.

WPC uses its forecasting model to provide both wealth accumulation and future cash flow analysis for its clients.  The benchmarking that is generated by the plan gives clients an easy to read report card, in real time, on how they are progressing toward their goal.


Income for Life

John was offered severance from his corporate position in 1995, but didn’t know how his lump sum retirement rollover was going to produce enough income to last the next 20 to 25 years.  Working with WPC on a long term plan, a tax savvy withdrawal program was created that has produced an income that has grown over such volatile periods as the bubble, 9/11 market slide and the Great Recession of 2008. As of today, John and Sally have spent close to twice what they originally started with, and have grown their nest egg to enjoy an income almost 50% higher than the day they retired.

John’s and Sally’s ability to endure the many market swings and remain invested according to a long term plan, has allowed them to travel to places they never dreamed they would see.  Their story is an example of what makes WPC unique – we have over 20 years of experience producing sustainable retirement income for clients.


The Sandwich Years

When the desire to help your kids afford college and the needs of aging parents intersect with your own retirement savings efforts, many people find it difficult to strike the right balance.  Preparing financially for one of these events is significant by itself, but making sure you are maximizing all three can be a monumental task.  That’s where experienced guidance can lend a hand to craft strategies to optimize the use of the available resources.

The sooner you look to address the issues, the more time you have to create a positive outcome.  Having helped clients facing all of those financial hurdles at once gives WPC the perspective to help clients make the necessary choices.

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